Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a reliable and consistent “Center of Excellence” Occupation Health Center for unions and organizations throughout the state of Rhode Island.

Our Values

  • To be compassionate, respectful, and professional in the way we deliver care.
  • To be relentless in pursuing continuous quality improvement and emphasizing the power of teamwork.
  • To continue to be an advocate for our employee’s health and well being.
  • To service all employees without regard to sex, race, creed, residence, national origin, sexual orientation, or ability to pay.

Clinical Goals

  • To monitor medical treatment for work-related illnesses and assist employees and employers with return to work goals.
  • To create awareness and help prevent worker injuries while delivering the highest level of service.
  • To make employees and employers aware of communicable diseases and immunization options available to them.
  • To ensure the community is aware that there is an Occupational and Environmental Specialist willing to assist the working public when faced with hard to diagnosis ailments.
  • Create a safe working environment for all workers and employers throughout the State of Rhode Island.

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